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Not many people are still playing Evolve on PC

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Evolve is a deep, tactical shooter that blends first person team-based play with third person player controlled boss fights. Those that love the game, absolutely adore it, while the rest of us sit wondering what exactly the fuss is all about. I know personally, that I’ve completely lost interest in the game. That’s expected though; I’m hardly a big fan of multiplayer shooters in the first place. What’s not quite as expected is just how much PC gamers seem to be abandoning the game.

In the most current statistics of the most-played games on Steam, 2K and Turtle Rock’s Evolve has dropped significantly, hovering around the 40th most played game on Steam. That’s not good for a multiplayer-focused game that’s barely a month old.


Games that more people are playing include the very old, very single player Fallout: New Vegas and the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. More people are playing ARMA 2 and Football manager 2014. Most embarrassingly, is the fact that more people are still playing Left 4 Dead 2, Turtle Rock’s last game. Of course, these number should start spiking with new content releases and inevitable Steam sales, but it’s just striking how few people seem to playing the game on PC. Of course, we have no indication of how many (or indeed, few) people are playing the game on consoles – but I suspect many are abandoning the game there as well.

Some think it’s due to the game’s DLC practices, but I think it’s something else. It’s quite a bit deeper a game than most realise, and I think games of this ilk appeal to a loyal, core audience who’ll play it for years. The rest of us will move on. I already have.

What of you? Are you still playing Evolve?

Last Updated: February 27, 2015

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