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NPD Numbers are in.. Xbox 360 and Infamous 2 wins

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The NPD figures are in and Microsoft and Rockstar are celebrating all the way to the bank once more.

Just to clarify, NPD figures only count North American sales figures but seeing as that’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, market then it’s interesting to see how the direction of gaming is going.

First up we have the hardware with the Xbox 360 winning 48% of the market with sales of 507k, in third place we have the Wii with 273k units which allowed us to calculate that the PS3 just squeaked into second with 276k.

Sony doesn’t post NPD figures anymore which is a bit frustrating so their figure could be slightly off but for now we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and leave them in second.

The 3DS continued it’s rather poor showing with sales of 143k which were completely eclipsed by the DS’s sales of 386k units. We have no figures for the PSP.

When it comes to software the leading light is L.A. Noire with 419k surprisingly followed by Duke Nukem Forever with 376k which goes to show that nostalgia is a fantastic marketing tool.

The rest of the list goes as follows

  • Infamous 2 – 369k
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 283k
  • Black Ops
  • NBA 2K11
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Cars 2
  • Just Dance 2

Infamous 2’s strong showing is even more impressive when you realise that it is a PS3 exclusive.

The biggest surprise and disappointment is that the sales figures for Shadow of the Damned were apparently pathetic. It’s disappointing as the game is meant to be fantastic but maybe not that surprising since it’s marketing was none existent.. well to me at least.

So while Microsoft continues to dominate in America I don’t see them being the first out of the gates with their next console which I feel works in Sony’s favour as they need a longer retail lifespan for the PS3 due to the increased development costs.

Nintendo are obviously going to be the first out of the blocks with the Wii-U but unless they announce something amazing very soon I don’t think the 360 or PS3 has that much to worry about just yet.

Source: Neogaf

Last Updated: July 15, 2011

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