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Nvidia claims that PC gaming will overtake consoles in a few years

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Is the PC dying as a viable gaming platform? Not on your life says Nvidia, and they’ve got the charts to bore prove it. The graphics card company is being optimistic about the platform, and they’ve got a few points to make about how the PC is not only going to survive, but will in fact thrive.

According to the company at a recent conference call, it believes that PC games will be shifting more titles than the console versions by 2014. Nvidia believes that the new idea of console cycles lasting more than 5 years os the reason behind this, citing that gamers will prefer to continually upgrade their equipment than sit with hardware that remains the same over several years.

It has some merit, but Nvidia is also forgetting that gamers are also generally happier to have consoles with longer life-spans. Gamers who prefer to keep upgrading their platform are generally those with a larger income, while consoles represent a once-off investment in terms of hardware.


Techgage provided the following graphs, but its clear that Nvidia is banking on graphics being the driving force behind console sales. True, games on PC generally look much better, but the current console generation has also proven that it can provide players with impressive visuals, despite aging visuals.

Add in ideas such as cloud gaming, digital distribution and DLC, and you still have several variables that need to be considered thoroughly before you can see the future of this particular industry.

Last Updated: September 26, 2011

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