Oculus Rift for Titanfall?

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Titanfall developer, Respawn, has teased that Titanfall may be supporting Oculus Rift.  While nothing is confirmed at this time, we have a twitpic and some vague statements on twitter.  In other words, it might just happen!

Oculus Rift development kits were delivered to Respawn, prompting the following tweet:


When asked if this meant that they were going to combine Titanfall with Oculus, the response was

Nothing official yet, but you never know

Perhaps this is just an opportunity for the developers to play with a new toy.  However, I think that they may be aiming to impress people so much that they forget that there’s no single player option.  Whatever the rationale, it certainly could be a very nice gimmick for them.  I still haven’t had hands-on time with the Oculus Rift, but it looks awesome!  I just hope it doesn’t cause motion sickness – always my concern considering that FPS games make me feel like I’ve just gone to see the Blair Witch Project!

Last Updated: July 24, 2013

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