Of Course Killzone 2 Can Run On An Xbox 360.

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What? Did you think all those reports that you read were true?

Ex-Bungie developer Christian Allen, when asked if Killzone 2 could run on the 360’s hardware had the following to say in an interview with hiphopgamershow:

“Oh yeah, Killzone 2 could totally be done on 360 if Guerilla wanted to. The tech is there, if the team and the publishers were motivated, they could do it, just like Halo could come to PS3 if MS didn’t own it. It really comes down to console exclusivity. The tech differences between the PS3 and the 360 aren’t all that much; it’s really about the delivery of content.”

You know what, I’m actually getting sick and tired of all the lies coming out of everyones mouths these days, it’s high time that these “professional” corporates and developers grow up.

No Sony, please tell us you weren’t lying through your teeth. Sigh.

The things that is really getting to me is that every time that a game is coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 or PS3; Microsoft, Sony, or a development company love to play the “this game won’t work on that other console” card, although Sony is the guilty party most of the time.

How long has it taken for most gamers to finally come to the realisation that both of the consoles are pretty much equally powerful and each has it’s own merits. Why is there always that nauseating stench of BS coming out of the news pages every time that a new exclusive is about to release.

The truth is, that even with the PS3 having Blu Ray discs, developers could easily find a way to compress textures and what not to fit onto the smaller 9GB DVD. Will it look as good after the compression? Not necessarily, but it would probably be damn close, and that’s good enough, rather than saying “it just won’t work”.

I can say with full confidence that there is not one game out on PS3 or Xbox 360 that wouldn’t be able to run decently on the other. It just isn’t so and I would appreciate it if these douche bags stopped trying to pretend that it is.

The next time that you read an article about how a new exclusive game is not possible on the other platform, do yourself a favour and ignore it, because it isn’t worth your time. It’s just more marketing speak, designed to lure you into the hype of whatever new title it is that the marketing guys are trying push.

It’s a waste of everyones time and it’s hurting the industry, because it’s closing doors that ultimately lead to more gamers getting less access to all of the games out there.

For those who are interested, the full interview can be found here.

Last Updated: April 3, 2009

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