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Oh yay! More Playstation 4 rumours

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I don’t know about you – but even I’m beginning to get tired of all the daily unsubstantiated rumours from magical unnamed sources. People do seem to enjoy all the speculation though, so we’ll do all we can to keep you updated on the latest next-gen console conjecture.

The latest, from IGN serves more as a confirmation of specification that any new rumour. Interestingly, it seems the PlayStation 4 is being built from largely off-the-shelf parts – and for Pc enthusiasts who love their hardware, the next generation of consoles might seem to be laughably underpowered.

IGN’s mysterious, unnamed sourced says that the next PlayStation, currently possibly named “Orbis,” like Microsoft’s next console, will sport a lot of AMD hardware; namely AMD’s A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU. It’s a wholly plausible system configuration; the A8-3850 is a quad-core 2.9GHz processor with an integrated graphics chip that’ll work together with the dedicated GPU, the DirectX 11 compatible HD 7670 that could have up to 1gb of dedicated VRam – four times as exists in the PlayStation 3.

According to earlier rumours, this is the exact same GPU that’ll end up in Microsoft’s next Xbox – so it’s possible that when it comes to graphical prowess, the next consoles could be evenly matched. For PC pundits, you’ll know that the 7670 is a re-branded HD 6670, and sits very much on the entry-level side of the current GPU scale. Of course, this doesn’t mean that when thrown together they’ll perform as poorly as a PC with those specs; with a lightweight operating system and standardised hardware it’s far easier for developers to extract extra performance. For reference, the PlayStation 3’s RSX GPU is essentially a modified Nvidia Geforce 7800 with a paltry 256Mb of Ram – and is still capable of producing some pretty incredible visuals.

Still, it is a little disappointing if this is true; for tech that’s set to only become available in a year and a half to use components that are already showing their age.

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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