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One of these ladies is going to be your official FemShep

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Democracy in action, its a beautiful thing to behold. It can unite a nation and give the people a voice, as well as allow us to officially choose some eye candy to adorn the cover for the next Mass Effect game. The ancients who coined the word would be so proud.

Bioware has been running a poll for the fans recently, to allow them to decide just which FemShep should stand tall next to her gender opposite, and so far, the numbers look good for number 5.

Fans seem to like the blonde Shepard with green eyes the most, with votes for her clocking in at over 28 000, while her closest visual rivals only barely hanging on at a measly 10-12 000 votes each. Shepard number 6 is the least popular, having only under 4000 votes to add to her tally.


Default FemShep has usually been a redhead with short hair, but it looks like this blonde vision will replace her, judging by her overwhelming lead, and will appear on the collectors edition box of the game, as well as any other future promotional materials.

Still, if you’re too lazy to either create your own Femshep when Mass Effect 3 launches next year, and would rather prefer one of the other five ladies as your default character, then head on over to the ME3 Facebook page and start clicking.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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