Oolalah: More Forza 3 Pics Including SUVs

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So for those of you that took a gander at the last screens I posted from Forza 3 may still be drooling over the Ferrari’s etc… but wait till you guys get a look at the SUVs and sports cars.

Oh man I’m gonna stop writing now before I turn to sexual analogies.

This title is looking incredible and you can see that the Forza 3 PR team are doing a remarkable job in getting these screenshots on people’s computer screens. Now we just need to see if the GT team can truly compete?

200907142343.jpg 200907142343.jpg 200907142343.jpg 200907142344.jpg 200907142344.jpg 200907142344.jpg 200907142345.jpg 200907142345.jpg 200907142346.jpg 200907142346.jpg 200907142347.jpg 200907142347.jpg 200907142347.jpg 200907142348.jpg 200907142348.jpg 200907142348.jpg 200907142349.jpg 200907142349.jpg 200907142349.jpg 200907142349.jpg

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Last Updated: July 15, 2009

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