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Operation Bloodhound brings new missions and maps to Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Operation Bloodhound

Valve know how to make their player base stick around. Just look at Team Fortress 2 – it came out back in 2007 and continues to have a dedicated community. Another of Valve’s titles, Counter-Strike – the hostage-rescue/bomb-defusing FPS – has been around even longer, and yet, the latest iteration, Global Offensive, has the biggest community second to Dota 2 (oh, ANOTHER of Valve’s titles). How do Valve keep so many people engaged? Via constant updates (hats) of course – stuff to keep their community mindlessly addicted. Global Offensive is the latest victim of such a content update.

It’s called Operation Bloodhound, and it’s essentially a new map pack, but with some extra goodies. Here’s Valve’s description of it:

Now available to all CS:GO players, Operation Bloodhound brings 6 community maps to official matchmaking, as well as all-new XP-driven profile Ranks–rank up by scoring in your favorite game modes and get a decorated weapon as a reward for your first Rank each week.

It’s not free however. Here’s what you’ll get for the asking price of $5.99…


While missions sound interesting, the biggest draw for me in this update are the new maps. Every few months I hop back into Global Offensive, only to play the same old maps over and over again. I’m looking at you Dust 2, people never seem to grow tired of your dusty plains! Here’s a snippet and preview of the new playgrounds:

Agency (Hostage Rescue)

Over the years, the offices of Underhill and Murphy have been home to rich clients, modern art, and hostage situations


Zoo (Bomb Defusal)

Terrorists have arrived  at the Bay Area Zoo, and they didn’t come for the dolphin show


Resort (Bomb Defusal)

Once a temple to excess and wealth, the luxurious Elysee Resort has been transformed into a high-stakes firefight


Rails (Bomb Defusal)

A decrepit rail yard is transformed into an industrial killing field in this night-time engagement


Log (Bomb Defusal)

Cut down more than trees, as a long-ranged battle breaks out at a logging facility


Season (Bomb Defusal)

Season Corporation, a Japanese bio-research facility, has its white walls painted red by a Phoenix demolition plot.


My only concern with such a pack is that it segregates the community a teeny bit. Not everybody will be willing to cough up extra cash, so they’ll stick to the old maps while others hop into the new ones.

Regardless, it’s a neat update to Global Offensive, and it’s already out (the download is just short of 500mb). If you’re interested, be sure to check out the Operation Bloodhound page for more details.

Last Updated: May 27, 2015

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