Orgasms in games going too far?

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Let me start off by saying that I fully support adult games, there should be a rating ‘R’ for games that include explicit sex and I am in no way offended by nudity… especially female nudity..

However that being said I do wonder if the latest Wii game, Captain Rainbow, is just taking things a little too far in regards to our current ratings system.

With people complaining about GTA IV, Madworld and Manhunt you would think a game that appears to simulate virtual sex and orgasms would cause an uproar.

But apparently not, I doubt you will be seeing Captain Rainbow in your local BT Games anytime soon but it is available through Play-Asia and what is even more astonishing is that it was given a rating of 12+ in the land of the rising sun.

Oh it may be obvious but the above video contains huge innuendo and shouldn’t be viewed by people who don’t like this sort of thing. No nudity is involved though.

Last Updated: September 9, 2008

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