Orion: Prelude is Halo but with dinosaurs

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Which basically makes it the best multiplayer game ever made. Still, releasing a new online FPS game in today’s market takes balls of steel. Spiral Games Studios reckons they’ve got those because they’re planning on bringing their online shooter to Xbox Live Arcade, the PSN and Steam. The shooter looks like Halo, but it’s got a definite Tribes and Unreal Tournament feel as well.

Does the world really need another online FPS title? It does if the game has dinosaurs in it as well. Who needs balls of steel when you’ve populated your FPS maps with loads of Tyrannosaurus-Rex and Velociraptors? That is Orion: Prelude’s thing. While you’re frantically trying to increase your kill count, you also have to avoid being devoured by the dinosaurs. The game certainly looks very, very pretty and you can see for yourself in the trailer (with dramatic Inception music) after the jump.

At the moment, Spiral Games Studios is in need of some extra funding to get a beta release going. If that happens they’ll be able to polish a final product to make their project commercially available. There’s a Kickstarter campaign that’s been launched; the small development team hopes to raise a minimum of $10 000. Here’s hoping it happen because we all need a class-based FPS with vehicular combat, jetpacks, mechs, thirty different weapons and blood-thirsty dinosaurs.

Hey, Spiral Games: please give your Velociraptors jetpacks as well. I want to run screaming from squadrons of jetpack-equipped Velociraptors as they rain death, teeth and nails on hapless space marines.

Source: Spiral Game Studios [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: January 19, 2011

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