Outcast is making a comeback

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These days when you think open world game, your mind will probably flash towards Grand Theft Auto. But before GTA took a sandbox and got all third-person with it, there were a couple of other games in the late 90s that did it first. One such game, was the graphics card breaker behemoth known as Outcast. And it’s coming back.

With Atari in a financial situation that can only be described as a Zimbabwean level of broke, they’ve been forced to sell off various properties and licenses in recent weeks. One of the properties that they sold was indeed Outcast, and it’s been bought by the original studio that developed it; Appeal S.A.

The Belgian studio has plans for the game according to Inc Gamers, and they intend to revive it as a franchise. There’s no word yet as to whether or not this’ll be in the form of an upgraded remake, sequel or HD upgrade. Still, it’s exciting news for me.

The original Outcast game was miles ahead of anything on the market, even if it did use voxel technology instead of polygons, which would have meant that your Voodoo 3000 graphics card accelerator could not take full advantage of the game visuals.

Still, I simply adored the game when it came out and it has aged well in recent years. The time is right for a remake, and you won’t hear any complaints from me on this topic. Especially if Appeal S.A can bring some new ideas back to the franchise.

Last Updated: July 3, 2013

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