Over 50% of Age of Conan's servers getting axed.

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Funcom is now in the process of shutting down/merging a whole whack of their Age of Conan servers, presumably to save costs and keep their not-so-popular MMO afloat.

Of the 49 initial servers, only 19 will remain in service for the unwashed barbarians players. The American audience took with biggest hit with a closure of 19 of the 25 servers.

This is all surely to keep Funcom in the green, as they recently gave the axe to employees in their QA and customer service departments. It surprising that despite a great launch of Age of Conan (approximately 1 million units shipped) that its doing so badly now. It must be the icy grip that the prospect of Northrend has on the MMO’ers.

Does anyone here play Age of Conan? Local players’ experiences of the game would be a good read.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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