Overpriced Kinect Peripherals Inbound

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Of course it was going to happen. Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-controller sans controller is set to receive some officially licenced peripherals. thankfully, we’re not in Wii territory yet; These aren’t plastic tennis rackets or faux bowling balls (because, ostensibly, you could use your own real versions of those things).

No, these overpriced peripherals are intended to help you mount (no, not like that) your shiny new Kinect sensor.

Here’s what PDP, licenced peripheral maker, will have on offer :

  • Wall Mount – $14.99 (R110) – The Wall Mount provides a quick and easy solution for mounting your valuable Kinect for Xbox 360 to the wall
  • TV Mount – $39.99 (R295) – The TV Mount uses the VESA spec standard as a one-and-all solution for mounting Kinect for Xbox 360 to any size TV (from 26” to 60”)
  • Extension Cable – $49.99 (R365) – The Cable Extension for Kinect will allow you to extend your connection by over 9 feet, allowing you to place Kinect for Xbox 360 virtually anywhere in your living space
  • Floor Stand – $29.99 (R220) – With a large tripod base and secure locking mechanism, the Floor Stand is designed to allow the Kinect Sensor to be elevated above the floor to help protect the Kinect for Xbox 360 from foot traffic and dirt

Sure, the wall and TV mounts could be useful for some, although a homemade solution involving velcro would probably accomplish the task much more economically. 50 dollars for an extension cable though? There’s a vocal response to that, that might get you scorned at by old ladies. And honestly…a floor stand? I’m pretty damned sure a table would suffice.

What we really need is an accessory or peripheral that removes the rails.

Source : Press release

Last Updated: August 26, 2010

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