Pachter – “manufacturers have made a strategic error by maintaining pricing for too long”

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Michael Pachter our gaming clairvoyant has been at it again and this time he is having a go at both Nintendo and Sony for sticking to their pricing structure for too long and negatively affecting the sales figures.

Nintendo have unbelievably not dropped their price since they released the Wii even though they have sold the hardware at a profit from day one and have ample room for price drops.

Sony’s high price has been spoken about at length and while they have dropped the price over time it is still blatantly obvious that they are priced higher than the mass market is willing to pay.

Pachter goes on to say that he is also expecting a price drop on the Sony platform in the very near future down to $299 with Microsoft reacting with a drop in the Elite to $250. He doesn’t pontificate on the possibility of a Wii price drop though and is rather expecting a new bundle to be released which is strange seeing that Nintendo has the most space to move around in.

NPD are expected to release the July sales figures for America next week and Pachter once again is expecting a drop in sales. I suspect Microsoft has now decided to take a reactionary stance and won’t be announcing anything until Sony does while Nintendo are just going to continue ignoring calls for a price drop until early next year.

While Sony will be dropping the price of a PS3 by $50 at GamesCom next week with Microsoft then following suit.

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: August 11, 2009

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