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Payday 2 getting some Hotline Miami loving

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Payday 2

I’ve never played Payday 2, but its premise has always interested me. The game is all about pulling off the perfect heists, all while wearing the strangest looking masks. Why have I not played it yet? It sounds awesome! Its mask-wearing tomfoolery is a theme shared by another game, Hotline Miami – one of the best indie games I’ve ever played. Looks like somebody has seen the commonality. Payday 2 will be getting some Hotline Miami DLC.

How has this never been thought of before? It sounds like a genius crossover. Here’s the (rather violent) trailer…

Hotline Miami was filled with all sorts of violence. While I never really paid it too much attention due to the old school visuals, watching this trailer really reminded me how brutal it was. I’d be interested to see what the premise for the DLC is.

Here’s some self Q&A stolen from the Steam Page:

Q: I recognize this theme…
A: This Hotline Miami DLC for PAYDAY 2 is a true collaboration between OVERKILL, creators of PAYDAY and Dennaton Games, creators of Hotline Miami.

Q: Why?
A: Because we at OVERKILL f&*%ing love Hotline Miami.

Q: Never heard of Hotline Miami.
A: Buy Hotline Miami here and support our friends at Dennaton Games.

Q: When is DLC this released?
A: September 30th!

Q: What does the DLC contain?
A: A heist is confirmed – you’ll find out about the rest come end of September.

Q: Got an awesome poster with PAYDAY and Hotline Miami in it?
A: We got a f&*%ing awesome poster. Check it out here.

So there is one heist confirmed so far, with more news to come by the end of the month. I wonder what tricks Overkill have in store for ‘Jacket’ – the protagonist of Hotline Miami.

Last Updated: September 12, 2014

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