PES 2015 is coming to PS4

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Happy Birthday, you old bastard.

Konami’s regularly reiterated that its latest footie sim, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 would not be headed to next-gen consoles, despite this year’s FIFA making the jump. It has, however, just confirmed that its next game will indeed be gracing the PS4.

Speaking via its official Twitter account, Konami said, "PES 2014 will not be released on next-gen consoles but you can expect to see PES 2015 on your PS4."

The astute observer might notice they mentioned nothing of the Xbox One. It’s expected that the game will indeed be headed to multiple platforms, but Konami’s just not willing to make any real commitment right now.

"We don’t really have any information about it at the moment, but well keep you informed," the company said about anything resembling an Xbox One release.

Could PES 15 end up being a PlayStation exclusive? The Last game to only grace Sony’s platforms was PES 3, on the PS2, all the way back in 2003.

Honestly though, I’m just not sure they should even really bother at this point. Konami is not the great development house and publisher it once was, and it’s become increasingly obvious over the past few years that the company is struggling to keep up with EA’s great big wads of cash. EA has the finances to keep pumping in to FIFA’s underlying technology, very much nullifying the age-old debate of which football game is superior. It’s not even just a question of licences anymore – it’s everything. Motion capture, natural ball movement, features, online (PES 14 had a notoriously terrible online experience, especially for Xbox 360 players). Everything.

Konami, essentially, relies on just two key franchises now; Metal Gear and PES. It’s got some other great games, Like Lord of Shadows 2 coming up, but I’m just not convinced that’s enough to sustain the company as a whole.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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