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Peter Moore Insists that Wii packaging models smiles

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Destructoid picked up an interesting difference between the Madden 09 PS3/Xbox 360 covers and the Wii cover. In the PS3 version Brett Favre (who is like a God to NFL fans) is all action and sporty.

However on the Wii side he looks more like a demented psychopath, which is apparently what happens when you force a big burly football star to smile. Anyway the question was asked of Peter Moore and apparently it was all his idea as he goes on to say

“Brett Favre was the best example. The intensity for Favre on the [non-Wii ‘Madden 09′] cover — for me, it didn’t feel right for the experience I knew we were developing on Wii. So I said to the team everybody should smile on the Wii package. It embodies the experience. If you played ‘Madden’ on the Wii and you’re playing with guys with the heads the size of five watermelons, it’s hard not to smile. We wanted to be able to deliver that experience on the packaging.”

I’ll stick with the all action guy myself as that image on the left just scares me…

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Last Updated: November 26, 2008