Peter Moore “Sony didn’t deliver”

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Peter Moore

Peter Moore has been chatting to The Guardian and has been brutally honest on quite a few occasions now.

He claims that Sony let the fans down with their overhyped promises over the Emotion Engine of the PS2 and then again with the release of the original Killzone.

“in 2005 with Killzone – where they promised the consumer something they probably believed they were going to deliver, but they never did. PlayStation 2”


It’s quite an amazing interview and you have to feel for the guy when he talks about how Sony used underhanded tactics to win the console war against the Dreamcast.

I find it especially intriguing since Peter has worked for so many large gaming companies that he probably knows more about the industry than most of us and his time at Sony must have given him some incredible insight into how it really works behind those shiny doors [Update] Somehow I got that horribly confused, he never worked for Sony.

So grab a coffee and click here to read the entire interview.

Last Updated: September 17, 2008

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