Phil Spencer “gamers will come along”

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One of the most common discussions I’m currently having with gamers, colleagues and members of the industry is all about what Microsoft are doing. They appear to be making such a massive mess of things and are acting completely oblivious to the negativity.

Another fine example of this is a recent interview Destructoid had with Phil Spencer. Phil see’s the online requirement as a benefit and the way that the world is working.

The Xbox One has been designed to be constantly connected so that, in his words,

“I think the critical thing that people should get their head around is your social and gaming identity, and the content that is associated with your identity, and where your identity roams your content roams with you. It’s how you expect so much of your content to run today.”

"You want your library to move with you, you want your friends list to move with you. We think the investment in live that we’ve made over the last 8 years has been really important to growing that capability, and when you think about your gaming library associated with your identity is an incredibly important thing. We’re going through that transition right now and gamers will come along."

And I completely agree with him. The online library and interconnectivity of the Xbox One is awesome and I don’t think many people disagree with that Phil.

But Phil.. we’re not idiots and I for one don’t appreciate being treated like one.


I love your vision but if I choose to disconnect my Xbox One I completely understand that I will lose that interconnectivity and online library. Same as when I take my Wifi only iPad on the road. I can no longer download new titles or music. And I’m really okay with that.

What I’m not okay with it that as when I’m disconnected you no longer allow me to play my offline games because you now presume I’m a thief. I’m not, it’s just that right now I can’t, or don’t want to, connect up to the Internet.

If my Kingdom Rush stopped working on my iPad when I left the house I’d freak.

It’s time Microsoft stopped being dishonest and simply admit that the online requirement is DRM plain and simple. Then we can start talking about how easy it is to fix this ridiculous issue and then we can start talking about how awesome the rest of the Xbox One is.

So Phil, take a step back. Look at how badly Sony started last gen. Remember how funny that was to you? Well Sony made a corporate video mocking you, yes it’s gotten that bad. Just stop and listen.

Side note.. look how amazingly sexy the retail box for the Xbox One is…


Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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