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Piracy. Why even hide it?

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So this weekend myself and my wife went to go visit her mother for the weekend in Smallville (aka Klerksdorp, North West Province) and I found this rather large sign happily sitting on a wall as we entered the small city. I decided to snap a quick photo with my phone so excuse the quality.

Wow! I thought. Why even bother being careful about piracy anymore? Just put a huge sign up to advertise that you can help people pirate games. It’s actually disgusting that businesses like this get away with doing things like this so openly.

You may think it’s irrelevant in the whole scheme of things, but if you do I would strongly disagree.

How many small towns are there in the world? A ton. All of them combined (especially in America) probably make up a huge amount of business for the gaming industry. With many small towns promoting piracy so brazenly it only makes you wonder how much money is not going back into the gaming industry.

Isn’t it so nice that they even used an official Playstation logo and everything.

Last Updated: September 8, 2008

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