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Civ v science victory

Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming. By the end of the week, all of you can be hopelessly addicted to playing as you seek to colonize the new world. However, Firaxis knows that not everyone has played Civilization V to death like I have. So, they’re offering it for free… for a couple of days.

Over on Steam, Sid Meier’s Civilization is listed as “Play for free until 23 Oct @ 10:00am”. That’s right, you can basically fill your time until Civilization: Beyond Earth launches by playing Civilization V, and realize that the science victory is essentially the opening to the new game.

I’m not entirely sure who this is targeted at. Most Civilization fans will already own Civilization V, and those who aren’t fans might not be excited about Civilization: Beyond Earth anyway. Plus, there are very few mechanics in common across the two games; they feature really different gameplay and people who play Civ V for free and then pick up Beyond Earth will be really confused and surprised.

Still, I’m always happy to hear about awesome games being available for free, and Civilization V is one such fantastic game. Just don’t expect for a couple free days to be enough – once you’re addicted, it will easily eat up far too many hours of your life. Now Firaxis just has to make sure that they’ve found that same formula for Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Do you already own Civ V, or will you be test driving it this week as long as it’s free?

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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