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Play Temple Run with your pelvic muscles

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As seems to be part of the awesome life of a video game journalist, I share completely inappropriate links with people all day. This morning, our beloved Wookie sent me this glorious video and design for a new Kickstarter that promises to cure incontinence and restore your sex life – and it’s fun!

Promoted on Kickstarter, Skea is the Smart Kegel Exercise Aid. Are you tired of doing boring Kegel muscles in the hopes of curing your post-pregnancy incontinence? Don’t worry, with Skea, squeezing your pelvic floor muscles is fun. Just watch this incredibly bizarre promotional video starring Geoff’s cousin, or is it brother?

For those who don’t watch videos, please make an exception and do so. No amount of description could explain how weird and over the top the promotion is for a device that is essentially a pressure activated vibrator for women to use for kegel exercise. To make it even more fun, it links to your mobile device so you can play games as motivation. And yes, it’s just as strange as it sounds.

That’s right, when you squeeze it even vibrates, ladies! Also, with a game name like Alice Incontinence, what could possibly be better? I really thought this was a joke, but the Kickstarter has raised almost $3k, only another $35k to go. If this goes into production, I wonder if I’ll be offered a review unit. Geez, and people worry about hygiene when reviewing headsets…

What sort of weird devices do you think we’ll see next? I’m hoping they make this device with an open API – Flappy Bird is sounding like a lot more fun all of a sudden.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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