Playboy Playmate cosplays as Bayonetta

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Playboy 3

Geez Beyonetta is one sexy video game character. I know we’re not supposed to lust after virtual personas, but it’s hard not to with Bayonetta. Designed with those who find a curvy hindquarter appealing, Bayonetta is strong and sexy, and now recreated by a beautiful Playboy bunny.

Over on the Playboy website and Facebook page (thanks Dualshockers seeing as these aren’t my usual sources for info), you can even vote on your favorite picture from resident Gamer Next Door, Pamela Horton.

Help us choose the best photo of our cosplay #Playmate Pamela Horton as Bayonetta. Bayonetta’s back and more powerful than ever. LIKE your favorite photo to vote.

Here are the images to keep your eyeballs happy. Don’t worry, they’re actually pretty tame.

She looks great and she can pull off the costume really well, but it’s not even close to being as pornographic as the actual game. Still, it’s awesome to see this level of cosplay, and it certainly is a match made in heaven. I’m certainly amused to see such a family-oriented company as Nintendo team up with Playboy, but it has worked well.

Now we just need to see them team up with Dead or Alive, right? Now that is some cosplay that I’m sure the Playboy bunnies could get behind. Meanwhile, now that I’m joining a local gym again, I wonder if I could get the hunky beefcakes in Tap Out shirts to cosplay as my favorite shirtless Street Fighters. Or maybe I can just audition them all to play Snow – that injured shirtless scene was one of my favorites from Final Fantasy XIII. Talk about replay value in a game.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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