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PlayStation 2 classics have debuted on PS4 – and it’s pissed people off

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This weekend, Sony released a number of its PlayStation 2 classics on the PlayStation 4. Just a handful of games are available right now:

  • Dark Cloud — $14.99/R218.00
  • Grand Theft Auto III — $14.99/R218.00
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — $14.99/R218.00
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — $14.99/R218.00
  • Rogue Galaxy — $14.99/R218.00
  • The Mark of Kri — $14.99/R218.00
  • Twisted Metal: Black — $9.99/R149.00
  • War of the Monsters — $9.99 /R149.00

This isn’t quite the PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility that PlayStation fans were expecting, or hoping for – and it’s gone right up some people’s noses. The biggest issue for many seems to be the fact that they have to buy their games again.

“Having these titles available on PS4 is already incredibly exciting for us, but we did not stop there. We have brought these titles forward to meet today’s gaming standards by adding Trophy support!” Sony says.

“Each title’s Trophy set has been carefully developed in conjunction with feedback from the original creators to be sure that they capture the spirit and feeling of each game.

Also, you will be able to experience all of these PS2 games like never before — in up-rendered 1080p with the features you expect from a PS4 game including Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support for game manuals with PlayStation Vita or PlayStation App.”

They’re essentially the old games, up-scaled and given trophy support and very little else. If you happen to have bought those games before, whether physically or digitally, you’ll have to buy them anew on the PlayStation 4.

This is quite a bit different to how “backwards compatibility” on the Xbox One works. Pop your 360 disc in to the Xbox One, and you’ll download a digital copy of said game to your new console, using the disc as a key to play.

Of course, Sony’s PlayStation 2 compatibility isn’t quite “backwards compatibility,” something Sony worldwide president is keen to make quite clear.

Naturally, the whole thing’s got people’s feathers ruffled.

“This is an absolute slap in the slap to the people who purchased PS1/2 Classics on the PS3,” says one angry PlayStation fan. “I can’t and won’t support this. There’s nothing stopping those games from transferring over to the PS4 other than Sonys own greed. I’m glad Xbox is killing it right now with all of their updates and true backwards compatibility. Somebody needs to remind Sony why the PS4 had success in the first place. Good luck explaining to a casual player how the fragmented PlayStation Ecosystem works (doesn’t) across multiple machines.?”

“What a kick in the nads, Sony.” Says another. “Microsoft is starting to swing the vote in their direction and rather than making the smart move and emulating PS2 and PS1 classics, you’re taking the douchey corporate money grabbing route. PS4, for the players? More like “PS4, for the cash”?”

Last Updated: December 7, 2015

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