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PlayStation 3's RRODing?

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image So have any of our PS3 friends seen this error?

“An error occurred during the start operation. 80010514”

Well if we were to believe the Xbox version of events this error code is the PS3 version of Red Ring of Doom and it is spreading like wildfire.

The PS3 fans however say it’s very rare and is a firmware problem. However after doing a quick search on the net it seems that the error is more than a firmware problem and is more prevalent than expected.

Sony themselves say they don’t know what it is… So is this something we are going to be hearing a lot more about or just some isolated problem?

One things for sure, if you get this error your PS3 is toast and you are going to have to send it in for repairs…

It does seem to be a Blu-Ray problem and no where near as prevalent as the RROD, but keep your eyes peeled, you never know we may be seeing the start of an avalanche…

Source: Xbox Version of Events

Source: Playstation Version of Events 

[Thanks to doobiwan for the heads up]

Last Updated: April 11, 2008

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