PlayStation 4’s made with cheap slave labour?

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Whenever there’s a new iDevice being released, it’s accompanied by reports of the hardware being put together by the cheap Chinese slave labour factories run by Foxconn. Now those claims are being levied against Sony and its PlayStation 4.

While the PlayStation 3 was made in Japan, the significantly cheaper PlayStation 4 has been outsourced to the infamous Foxconn. Reports from Chinese media say that the PS4 is being produced by Foxconn using even cheaper labour than their regular, perpetually depressed factory workers; they’re using college students, who’ve apparently been “forced” to put the console together under some pretty horrible conditions

Reports say that "thousands" of students from Xi’an Technological University were forced to work at Foxconn’s Yantai plant as part of some study/work intern exchange program this year. Apparently it was mandatory for the students, who would not be able to receive their qualifications without participating.

The students say they were given tasks outside of their fields of study (via, including straight up manual labour.

"It’s like being a robot," said student Wang Yiran, who claims she was made to do menial jobs in building the PS4 and assembling units.  she also claims they were made to work 11 hours a day, sometimes longer – and were granted just one half-hour break for lunch, and a ten minute break in the mornings.

If true, this’ll put a damper on the Ps4 launch – especially when you open up the box to realise that it was all put together by an overworked, underpaid kid.

Last Updated: October 10, 2013

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