PlayStation has 50% market share in South Africa

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During my discussions with Michael Bender from Ster Kinekor last week it was mentioned that SK are now proud to announce that the PlayStation brand has secured 50% of the local gaming market.

After a brief yet bizarre miscommunication over who distributes what it was clarified that the 50% share includes the PS3, PS2 and PSP. Unfortunately exact market share details are virtually impossible to get in South Africa but seeing as we have previously been told that the Wii is the number one next gen console and the Xbox 360 was second I am left to believe the PS2 is the puppy that is still pushing the Playstation brand in South Africa.

While a 50% market share is always a good thing to shout about I would personally be worried if the PS2 sales were still the strongest in the family as it is obviously a console on it’s last legs now.

The new PS3 Slim with that awesome price cut however should breathe more than a little life into the PS3’s sales and the local release of the PSPGo should be followed quite quickly by a surge in sales.

The Wii and DS are still steamrolling the casual gaming market and with very little in the way of excitement being announced by Microsoft at the moment I am starting to think that they are happy to rest on their laurels for now.

I guess it’s all riding on Project Natal at the moment?

Last Updated: August 31, 2009

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