Playstation Move Local Pricing

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A newsletter sent out by Incredible Connection has revealed the local pricing and availability of Sony’s imminent motion controller, Playstation Move. According to the retailer the device will sell for quite a bit less than anticipated when it finally reaches our shores.

The start-up bundle, including the Move wand, the necessary Playstation Eye camera and a demo disc will retail for just R699.95, with standalone wands for just R449. This is pretty darned reasonable pricing – and at that price point I’m much more likely to get Move at launch than Kinect, which launches locally at a price of R1999. There’s no word on what the sub-controller might cost though – but a standard Dual Shock will suffice for its purpose.

The accessory will be available from September 15.

Thanks to Uberutang for the tip.

Last Updated: August 5, 2010

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