PlayStation Now is criminally expensive

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The PS4 doesn’t allow you to play all your old PS3 titles, which is a real bummer for many fans who sold off their previous console to hop onto the next-gen train. Sony’s answer to this is PlayStation Now, a streaming service that allows players to rent PS3 games and stream them to PS4. The program came under fire during closed beta for its pricing, and it seems like nothing has changed in the open beta.
Sony have adjusted the PlayStation Now pricing a little bit for the launch of the open beta in North America, but the program is still criminally expensive. You can rent games for as little as 4 hours, or as long as 90 days. The problem is that some games are being rented out at a price that matches their retail cost, making the idea of renting almost irrelevant.

For example, you can rent GRiD 2 for 90 days for the low price of $29.99. If more precise F1 racing is more your thing, then your wallet might want to start running now. F1 2013 currently costs $49.99 for a 90-day rental, which is more than just buying the game and owning it outright.

The same goes for other titles. Deus Ex: Human Revolution costs $4.99 for just four hours, scaling up to $29.99 for the full 90 days. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a little more reasonable, but I still find it hard to swallow a $14.99 price tag for a 90 day rental on a very old PS3 title. Not ignoring the fact that these rental times are translated into real-world time, and not game time.

Sure, this is why the program is in beta and I’m sure Sony wants to make this program a little more affordable. It’s just worrying that after a closed beta where customers complained about the same thing, nothing has really changed. Sony have said they’re looking into a Netflix-like subscription which will give you access to a larger library of games, which sounds like a better approach to me.

Right now though, PlayStation Now just feels years behind of where digital consumption really is. That simple.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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