Pokémon GO closes submissions for new Gyms and Pokéstops

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Pokemon GO shuts down new Pokestop submissions 2

Pokémon GO has been a weird and fascinating success to follow over the past two weeks. It’s pretty likely you know more than a handful of people playing the addictive Pokémon hunting mobile game, and it’s even more likely that you’re involved too. What might not be as likely is your proximity to Pokéstops and Gyms, and for a time developers Niantic were taking submissions to populate scarce areas with new monuments. No more however.

Probably due to the overwhelming demand, Niantic has closed submissions for possible new Gyms and Pokéstops for the foreseeable future. The page where players could submit new co-ordinates for a lucky inclusion is still up, but your request will be falling on deaf ears until Niantic decided to pay attention again. You can still apply to get a particular in-game site moved from your location if it’s bothering you (having hundreds of people stop in front of your house daily can’t be fun), but that’s all Niantic is taking right now.

Pokéstops in particular are integral to the Pokémon GO experience, bestowing players nearby with free items every five minutes. Those range from Pokéballs, Potions and even eggs to hatch, and any players not making use of them regularly only exponentially make the game more difficult to play without spending money. Of course eventually you’re going to have to if you want to be one of the very best (or at least one of the first ones), but for the first 15 or so player levels Pokéstops are your best friend.

Although it does make the game difficult to play properly in less metropolitan areas, where these monuments are few and far between. Hopefully Niantic starts taking submissions again soon, so that your Pokémon hunting isn’t hindered too much.

Last Updated: July 22, 2016

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