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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Nekkoala and Iwanko revealed

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Pokemon CoroCoro (2)

Enough about Titanfall 2 and Watch Dogs 2. Time to focus on the most important upcoming game of the year that rhymes with Smokey Bun! There’s been some solid movement on the Pokemon Sun and Moon front lately, as the game got a proper reveal, a fresh look at the trio of new starter Pokémon and more details dropped on the two legendary ‘mon that’ll grace the cover of each respective game.

This week? It’s time to discover a few new faces. Thanks to CoroCoro magazine leaking early in Japan, we’ve gotten an early look at two of the new pocket monsters that you’ll be able to add to your collection and then force into underground battles that will drive PETA members into a red haze of pure fury. Say hello to Nekkoala and Iwanko. Images via Serebii:

According to CoroCoro, Nekkoala is Normal-Type Pokemon that has dream-related skills to pay the bills. Definite Sleep allows Nekkoala to avoid being afflicted with any status condition except for Sleep attack. So yeah, it’s immune to any attacks which leave a Pokémon with paralysis, burn, poison or confusion debuffs. Something tells me Nekkoala is going to be a popular choice in Pokemon Sun and Moon if these abilities carry over through any subsequent evolutions.

Next up, Iwanko. A Rock-type Pokémon, Iwanko was briefly spotted in the trailer released last month. Iwanko isn’t the first dog-type Pokémon ever released, but the Rock-type combination makes it a first in the series. Unless Eevee is getting a Rockeon upgrade in the Pokémon Sun and Moon generation. Hmmmm…

Quick note: The Pokémon above are still fielding their Japanese names. Expect these to change when Pokémon Sun and Moon gets some  localisation love. What isn’t changing however, is my undying hatred for Matty and Al who will probably get some hands-on time with this game at E3 next week if Nintendo has playable copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon on the ground floor.

Last Updated: June 11, 2016

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