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Pokémon Sun and Moon – How to unlock demo Ash Greninja and more for the full game

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Pokémon Sun and Moon has a demo out right now on the 3DS eShop, and you should all be playing it instead of digging for new data? Why? Because you’ll get a taste of my pocket monster addiction (That’s another Rand for the innuendo jar), but because you’ll also get a few bonuses for the full version of the best use of S & M since I discovered an attraction to skintight latex outfits.

It’ll take you around half an hour to complete the demo, but doing so unlocks Ash-Greninja, a special version of the water-type starter from previous Pokémon games. But that’s not all! Play now, and you’ll also get a few bonus items as well. Anyway, let’s start detailing these unlocks properly.

Ash Greninja

After you’ve done tangling with Team Skull, you’ll get to meet Professor Kukui, who’ll challenge you to an island Trial. For this trial, you’ll need to find four Pokémon using the Poké-Finder and snap some photos of them. Also, you’ll have to defeat them in a BATTLE!

According to Eurogamer, you an find the Trial Pokémon in the following locations:

  • Jangmo-O – Directly left of the Professor, near the wall
  • Another Jangmo-O – Go down the path left of the prof, take the fork in the road up and you’ll find it near the upper wall when the fork ends
  • Hakamo-O  – Back on the upper path, go left and don’t drop down the ledge. You can find Hakamo-0 at the wall at the end
  • Another Hakamo-O – After you leave the cave in the North West, go north to find the fella

In the battles to come, Greninja will pack plenty of power and he’ll be able to easily deal with the dragons. When you take on a Totem battle, Water Shuriken will easily annihilate Rockfluff. Complete the demo and its main story by defeating Team Skull admin Plumeria, and hey presto! Ash Greninja is all yours! You’ll also get a Z-Ring and Z-Crystal ‘Electirum Z’ for Pikachu afterwards.

You’ll need to restart the demo mind you, to have Ash Greninja transferred over. Other secrets also include:

pokedemo (1)

  • Three Stardusts – Talk to the lady at the end of the road blocked by Slowpokes, and she’ll warp you onto the Mahalo trail. Once there, you can smash some rocks on the path that contain the valuable items
  • Star Piece – On Ten Carat Hill, you’ll fight three Pokémon trainers. Once done with them, you’ll face Ace Trainer Sheri and her team of Jangmo-O and Pikachu. Defeat her to get a Star Piece
  • Nugget – On Ten Carat Hill, smash the rock on your right with a Tauros, and you’ll access the Pokemon Catching Challenge. Catch at least three Pokémon here, and you’ll get a Nugget.

According to Eurogamer again, certain citizens in Hau’oli City seem to have a fascination with certain days, resulting in the following lines of dialogue:

1 day: Visit the guy outside the Pokémon Centre the day after you play it. “Not today, not the day after tomorrow. It’s gotta be tomorrow. Got it?”

5 days: Woman outside City Hall. “I’m meeting up [in 5 days] with a guy who helped me out when I sprained my ankle the other day.”

12 days: Speak to the man inside City Hall. “Guess how many days until my sweet li’l Pikachu’s birthday? Just 12! I wonder if someone will help me celebrate.”

18 days: Policeman in the Marina. “According to my informants, there’s a shady deal going down right here in a matter of days – 18 to be exact. I wonder if I’ll be able to handle it by myself…’

24 days: Lady in the Ferry Station. “I have to sail away on a ship in 24 days.”

Around 30 days: Not confirmed, but the barista inside the Pokémon Centre says the owner will be back “in about a month”.

Might be worth checking in on them often. And that’s it for the demo! We’ll see if the future holds any other secrets in the days to come.

Last Updated: October 18, 2016

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