Portal 2 TV spot is fantastic

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Announced earlier today, developer Valve has decided to go it alone on the advertising for Portal 2 and not chance the misrepresentation of their unique title to ad agencies.

“With the Portal 2 ad, we play tested it and were able to make changes during production,” said Doug Lombardi, marketing VP for Valve. “With an agency, those types of tests are too often left to a post-mortem – at which point, the value of those realizations is pretty close to worthless.”

The latest Portal 2 TV spot features the co-op robots playing around with a portal gun until GlaDOS steps in to spoil the fun. We are not sure if or when the spot will hit SA screens, but it is simply brilliant and even rivals the almighty Pixar. Hit the jump to be inspired.

Source: Game Informer

Last Updated: March 18, 2011

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