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Prepare for more Muppets, as the sequel is currently being written!

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The Muppets film that was released recently was one of those nostalgic experiences, bringing back and updating the beloved gang of familiar faces for a new audience, while still easily retaining its old charm.

It even earned itself an Oscar this week, and thanks to some reasonable success at the box office, Hollywood execs would be crazy not to greenlight a sequel for the hit film.

Fortunately, they’re rather sane right now, and have indeed started making deals for a sequel.

According to Vulture, original co-writer Nick Stoller and director James Bobin have begun work on a new script, with the possibility being open for him to helm the project.

It’s still early stages for the project right now, but you can bet that Kermit and co will most likely take part in another crazy adventure, with hijinks of the wacky kind being included.

Co-writer and first film star Jason Segel has yet to indicate whether he’ll return or not, due to his various commitments, but maybe we will see the return of his Gary character should the schedule prove to be flexible.

Of course, if you’re looking for an idea of what to do for the next Muppets film, might I suggest this?

Last Updated: March 2, 2012

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