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A professional photographer makes Uncharted 4 even more beautiful

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Everyone has raved about Uncharted 4. It is the best game in the series, the best game from Naughty Dog, the best game ever. Our very own Geoff reviewed it, and gave it a higher score than he usually gives any games. So yes, I know it’s full of wonderful gameplay, excellent story telling and all the rest. I even heard how gorgeous it was – I’d seen the videos and screenshots from Sony and Naughty Dog, so I thought I understood. But this, this is a real showcase.

Ray Soemarsono is a professional photographer. And it’s that unique eye that has made Uncharted 4 (thanks Kotaku) look even better than I’ve ever seen it. The thing is, I might not be able to do photoshop, but I do have an eye for art. My years of art theory courses and museum visits haven’t been for naught, and I can testify, these images are just that – art. It took a professional to know when to press that capture button and snag the best possible images. Just check out this gallery of pretty pictures:

WARNING: may contain spoilers.

I think I’m most impressed by the foliage and the lighting. I love seeing how the light streams through from a window or a hole in the wall, how it casts shadows – it looks so real, and so beautiful. Plus, that foliage finally looks real. Usually in games, foliage is the worst, falling prey to poor clipping, leading it to look so, so bad. But now, now it’s actually well designed and adds to the imagery instead of detracting from it.

I never make use of photomode in games. I just don’t see the point. But, now that I’ve seen the kind of images that a professional can make… I probably still won’t because my photos will be nowhere near this level of amazing.

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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