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Project CARS will be released on 8 May. Here’s a new trailer

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Project Cars

Project CARS has faced a couple of upsetting delays. Well, I suppose any delay is upsetting, but with a community this amped for release, they are particularly frustrating. At last the publishers have locked down a date, and it’s sooner than expected.

Here is the official announcement:

The game is also planned for Wii U, but no mention of a firm release date for that platform, though it’s scheduled to hit alongside the Steam Os version later this year.  Still, great for all the PS4, Xbox One and PC racing fans. You can embark on a legendary career with Project CARS in less than a month. Just a few more weeks of waiting. Here, have a ridiculously gorgeous trailer showing off career mode to tide you over:

Interestingly, Project CARS on console will also allow players to tweak their graphics. Normally, this is customization reserved for PC gamers, but Digital Foundry grabbed some screens of the options for Visual FX, Authenticity, Field of View and Movement. They haven’t had the chance to test how these might impact performance on the consoles, but it’s nice to see that functionality making its way to other platforms.

Are you counting down the days until the 8th of May? The game looks gorgeous and the community played a huge part in this game’s creation. If you’ve been a part of the process, you deserve a huge pat on the back. Driving fans around the world salute you.

Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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