PS3 outsells the Wii in Japan

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At first I thought life was returning to normal when I saw the PS3 had once again outsold the Xbox 360 in Japan but then I saw that it had outsold it’s other competitor as well and once again things were wrong in the world.

Nothing outsells the Wii, I thought that was agreed by now.

The latest sales stats from the land of the rising sun are as follows

DSi -171,000
PSP-  50,000
PS3-  36,000
Wii-   25,000
DSL-  17,000
PS2-    6,800
360-    6,300

Nintendo won’t be to sad after seeing those sales figures for the DSi but what is it that has caused the PS3 to outsell both the 360 and the Wii?

Well Sackboy of course, in it’s first week of sales it has shifted 47 000 units in Japan and yet it was not the biggest PS3 seller of the week that honour belongs to GTA IV which has finally been released in Japan.


Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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