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Feast your eyes on the new PS3 Slim with included Dualshock for $299.

The first thing I noticed that I really love is the fact that it won’t be a dust magnet anymore with a new brushed plastic finish instead of that oh so pretty shine. If you have kids or fingers then you most probably would have hated the shiny finish.

I’m not entirely sure I am sold on the new look logo, I became quite fond of the Spiderman text myself.

So click through to take a look at every angle I could possibly find of the new PS3 Slim. (click on the images for a better view)

The Top


The Bottom 


The Front

The Top

The Right Hand Side

The Top

The Back

And yes if you were wondering it annoys the hell out of me that I couldn’t find a picture of the left side… no real reason why… it just does.

Last Updated: August 19, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Q121

    Very nice, I like teh new look.

    So what do you guys think it will cost in SA?

    And any hardware specs as far as hard drive and back compatibility?


  • al360rulz

    LOOKS really cheap don’t like it at all

  • evilredzombie

    Wow , so there was no functionality taken away and none added ( well a slightly bigger HDD) and I am pretty sure the internal power supply of the PS3 will be removed and it will have a bulky power block like the Xbox 360.
    I think we will see allot of new faces over at as of September. I still prefer my ( now PHAT ) PS3 with the glossy look.

    recon it will probly go for about R4000 and might include a game

  • darthdad

    I like! :w00t:

  • easy

    its definitely got the psone feel to it. i’m not sold on the looks, but the physical size is appealing and the price is spot on (if it actually retails for R3500).

    this should boost ps3 sales considerably over the next 6 months to a year.

  • Altman

    I guess everyone is just waiting for the local price confirmation,I know I am. :silly:

  • Goose ZA

    I like it. Still looks like a waffle-maker though :tongue:

  • Ozzy

    more pics. thanks. i still like it a lot. i feel like trading in my crapbox and getting a second ps3. will wait for official price first.

  • nazcanlines

    how is it gonna stand on its side? i unfortunately don’t have enough space for my xbox to lie down it stands up and i was thinking of getting a ps3 on the basis that i could stand it vertical too. but the way its shaped it doesnt look like i could do it. damn

  • janrik

    YOu will get a stand for it, so it can stand on the side.
    (might be sold seperatelay…)

  • evilredzombie

    that makes no sense at all… buy a bigger desk / tv stand

  • Is sold seperately. Apparently the stand is $25 which is a really bad idea from Sony.. but I don’t like consoles standing vertically so I don’t care that much.

    It should be included in the box though…

  • Even though it doesnt look as pretty, Im glad they went with the matte finish this time

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