PS3 to Catch Xbox 360 User Base Next April

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The Chief Financial officer of Eidos has come out and said that he expects the PS3 to catch the Xbox 360’s user base by next April.

That’s 1 year to catch up 8 million plus how ever many Xboxes get sold in the next year. I wonder what he knows to believe that currently as very few analysts have been that optimistic.

He also mentions that they are holding back on their big products until the PS3 user base is about 8-10 million.

That is what the 360’s user base is now so why don’t they just release on the 360 instead? Oh well only time will tell if his analysis is correct.

Link to Eidos CFO: PS3 to Catch Up Xbox 360 User Base Next April – Xbox

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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