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PS5 Review round-up – Here’s what critics think of Sony’s next-gen console

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Reviews have begun trickling in for the PlayStation 5, Sony’s first generational leap since the launch of the PS4 in 2013. The general consensus is that there’s some mighty fine hardware under the hood, albeit with some baffling concessions along the way. The overall theme is that the games look great, the machines don’t sound like they’re cosplaying as jet engines, and yes the console is an absolute unit. The controller feels next-gen in action, the speed at which games load has to be seen to be believed, and the new community system is a step towards combatting toxicity.

At the same time, the PS5’s wow factor is upended by a tiny amount of solid-state drive space and only a tiny handful of killer apps. Here’s a round-up of what critics have to say about the PS5:


The combination of ultra high-definition video, increased framerates, high-end graphics techniques like ray tracing, and the lightning-fast SSD make it feel like a real-deal, next-gen successor to the PlayStation 4. And if you’re not ready to give up on the previous console, the PlayStation 5 reliably runs a vast majority of the PlayStation 4 library, with many of those games receiving upgrades to fidelity, framerate, and loading times. – Link


“At launch the PS5 is an excellent console that paves the way for a promising future where gaming experiences can evolve in interesting ways and the process of experiencing them is streamlined. Its custom SSD, unique DualSense controller, and powerful specs draw a distinct line between last generation and the next. Faster loading times and system features like the PS5’s Activities make the SSD feel essential, while the DualSense’s substantial feedback makes a strong case for moving on from the DualShock 4. ” – Link


“Spending $499 on a new console is by no means a small outlay, and for that kind of money it’s important to feel excited. I’m looking forward to getting a Series X, but I’m excited about the PS5, its superb controller, slick new UI, and that glimpse into next-gen with Demon’s Souls. For me, if you’re after that new generation thrill, PS5 is currently the only choice.” – Link

Easy Allies

Metro GameCentral

And so, at the end of the day, my final take on the PS5 is this: across the board it’s a step up in every way over the PS4 Pro (as you’d expect it should be, for the price you’re paying). It’s an expensive proposition, but the cost is outweighed by a product that has a distinctively premium look and feel, not to mention a number of worthy evolutions in the peripherals and gaming experience.

Both are fairly equally worth your time and money at this point. I doubt that fact will change for months or even years to come. – Link

Push Square

We’re extremely enthusiastic about the future of this platform. The way we all play games is changing, with subscriptions gaining importance and titles retaining players longer than ever before. Yet with the PS5, Sony has created a console that feels very much prepared for the future, without forgetting what players love about PlayStation to begin with. This is the fastest, most convenient console the company’s ever created; a cunningly designed upgrade that takes the best of the PS4 and improves upon it. But it’s also got more than enough innovations beneath its popped collar to feel like something truly fresh as well. – Link

The Verge

Physically, the PS5 is a brash, intimidating piece of hardware, one that is clearly meant to signal a major shift. But underneath, its changes are much more subtle — at least right now. This isn’t the move from SD to HD, or watching Mario explore a 3D space for the very first time. Instead, it’s a series of smaller — though still important — shifts, like faster speeds and a more immersive controller, which all add up to a markedly better experience compared to the PS4 by every conceivable metric (aside from the space it takes up). I can’t tell you what the future holds, but right now, the PS5 is a great piece of hardware.


Last Updated: November 6, 2020


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