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PSA: Do not buy the digital version of GTA V on the PS3

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Why is it always the good part thats pixelated

Now here’s something that simply doesn’t make any sense to me. The poor streaming speed of the Blu-Ray drive has always been the reason why PS3 games have to be installed rather than run straight from the disc.

So it goes without saying that buying a downloadable version of a game or the retail version would make no difference as the game still has to be installed to the drive and streamed from there.

Well I was wrong, because while I thought that was obvious it really isn’t.

Case in point, the downloadable version of GTA V on the PSN store actually doesn’t work very well at all on the PS3, so much so that Digital Foundry are currently recommending that you simply do not buy that version and rather opt for the PS3 retail version which has no problems.

The problems relate to the textures and assets in GTA V not rendering fast enough through the digital version leaving you with flat boring textures, missing background objects and in the worst case scenario, entirely missing walls that can still be driven into.

Just imagine you are screaming down the road trying to get away from the cops when you run smack bang into thin air that then materialises into a brick wall.

Now according to the YouTube comments, which you should never read if you value your sanity, this doesn’t appear to be happening to everyone and may only be an issue on older PS3’s.

Personally I find Digital Foundry to be a very trustworthy source when it comes to graphical comparisons so I for one will recommend people to rather get the retail versions, that and it supports local industry which is always better than handing your money over to corporate machines who would kill their own mothers for an extra dollar.

Last Updated: September 20, 2013

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