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PSP Mini’s aren’t allowed to have DLC, multiplayer or high fun value

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Sony are nothing if not consistent, it’s just unfortunate that they are consistently acting stupidly at the moment.

PSP Mini’s are an awesome idea, they are smaller downloadable games that can be played on your PSPGo while on the go… the Xbox Live Indie title Rocket Racing has already been ported over and I am expecting killer titles like fl0w and fat princess to make there way over soon enough.

But then just as I was consistently singing the praises of the PSPGo and Sony they come out with this idea, all PSP Mini’s are banned from having any downloadable content, patches, updates or multiplayer ability.

Oh except if your multiplayer ability consists of taking turns on the same PSPGo, then it’s okay.

Don’t worry though this is being done for our own good, you see it takes longer to test and certify a game which has a multiplayer component and since Sony doesn’t want the process to take long they simply banned the multiplayer ability.

It also takes longer to test games that have more than one level but thankfully for now that is still allowed.

So in a nutshell, Sony wants us to fork out close on R3000 for a PSPGo with built in Wifi that only plays downloadable content (which costs the same as the existing UMD’s) but with the added benefit of also playing PSP Mini’s… which can’t have multiplayer through afore mentioned WiFi connection.

Somehow I don’t think Nintendo and their multiplayer enabled DS are in the least bit worried about the PSPGo anymore.

Source: Destructoid

PS: Destructoids header image is awesome, mine not so much

Last Updated: September 18, 2009

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