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Quantum Break poised to be a “mega hit”

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Qb mega hit

Reviews for Quantum Break have landed and the vast majority of critics seem to agree with our Alessandro – it’s a great game. But even before reviews hit, things were looking pretty good for Quantum Break, and Microsoft by extension.

Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg explained that it was tricky to market Quantum Break because of being a new IP. Microsoft took an old school approach, sending representatives around the world to meet with press and promote the game. While we weren’t included on the world tour, pounding the pavement definitely has paid off:

It’s been great. Preorders are really strong; they’re performing well ahead of plan,” Greenberg said. “Retailers are continuing to increase their orders for the game, which we track and watch.

[…] We’ve been playing the game; we know it’s a great game. Fingers crossed, but I think we’re sitting on a mega hit.

If preorders were already high before reviews were released, I can only imagine what all the positive sentiment will do to boost sales. Greenberg might be right; this could be a mega hit for the Microsoft exclusive. It might even help boost sales of the Xbox One, or at the very least build more positive sentiment towards Xbox and PC gaming.

It always seems that when a console is “behind”, their first party games are way better. Sony had some incredible offerings on PS3, helping to boost sales of the console and fight back in the console war. This time, the PS4 is selling ridiculously well, and we’re seeing Xbox up their game with excellent exclusives. I’m curious to see how this continues this generation, but at least we’re seeing some stellar games coming out for Xbox One.

With Quantum Break set to be the next big hit, how many people will be straying from their PS4s in order to play it?

Last Updated: April 1, 2016

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