Quicky – Gamerlobby Style

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I received an email earlier from Gamerlobby that I thought I would share since we aren’t running any competitions right at this time.

The Gamerlobby Street Fighter IV tournament is about to enter it’s second round and to celebrate this they are going to be giving away a limited edition Street Fighter IV title to one lucky winner along with a R100 voucher for evogames.co.za

To win this awesome prize all you need to do is send them an email ([email protected]) and let them know who you think will be crowned the all victorious winner of the Street Fighter IV tournament.

At the moment Draeka is still undefeated but he isn’t far ahead of a bevvy of chasers including Warped Mind, SA Phoenix, Poddle and twobop.

You have until Monday to enter and I don’t see any rule stating that you can only enter once so go forth and spam them… gently of course.

The full Street Fighter IV leaderboard can be seen here.

Last Updated: May 28, 2009

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