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Rainbow Six Siege has no campaign, single-player is for training

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Not all games need a compelling story. In particular, shooters often forego a story mode or campaign in favor of tons of multiplayer content. Titanfall and Evolve had no campaigns, Star Wars: Battlefront won’t have a single player campaign and Call of Duty: Black Ops III won’t let old-gen gamers experience the campaign. Now confirming what we’ve known for months already, Ubisoft has re-iterated that Rainbow Six Siege will also be letting go of the traditional campaign.

Speaking at EGX, an Ubisoft developer explained that players will have the opportunity to experience all the maps, playing as the various operators, against AI if they decide to play in single player. But that won’t include what typical progression through chapters or story-telling in some kind of campaign:

You can customize matches, so that’s what we’re offering on the single-player side of things.

It’s a pretty good training ground, and on top of that you’re unlocking the same content as you would playing in PvP.

I suppose this sort of makes sense, even though I still wonder about these things. I know plenty of people never even play the single player campaigns in shooters. Call of Duty’s single player experience is largely ignored by fans of the franchise in favor of jumping in and playing with friends. I get that, and I suppose plenty of people think the single player campaign is useless so who cares. But what about when servers go down, or your web is being cranky? Surely people like to be able to play something interesting offline? Or am I just being stuck in the past?

At least your unlocks carry over into online play, so you really can train your way through Rainbow Six Siege and get all your favorite guns and upgrades sorted to blow away all your friends when you play with them online. Seeing as that’s all people want to do anyway, it makes sense for Ubi to focus on that instead, I guess.

Last Updated: September 28, 2015

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