Rambo is coming to ruin your memories

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There’s one game that Darryn’s most excited for this year, above pretty much all other games. We already know his taste in, well, just about everything is universally regarded as being terrible, but this really just cements it. He’s excited for the new Rambo game, despite all the audiovisual evidence that should convince him otherwise.

And there’s really nothing that does a better job of convincing you that Rambo: The Videogame will be absolutely terrible than the actual marketing material for the game. Here’s the game’s latest trailer, which shows the not-quite-AAA game in action.

Despite what you’ve just seen, the game’s producers are quite bullish about the game. they hope to bring the Rambo you know from 30 years ago, to life in this modern game, but keep that old-school legacy and heritage intact.

“We want Rambo The Video Game to give players the chance to take-on the classic scenes from the motion-picture trilogy through John Rambo’s eyes. And just as John Rambo was an expert infiltrator – not every mission will be based around pure shooting skills: silent bow takedowns and perfectly timed stealth (lethal or nonlethal) eliminations will be required too,”  Piotr Latocha – Producer at Teyon said on the PSBlog.

The gameplay system we have created combines the classic arcade-heritage of a rail-shooter with a contemporary graphics engine and all of the cover-taking, weapon-switching and super aggressive enemies possible on PS3. All of John Rambo’s trademark array of knives, SMGs, LMGS, Grenades and variety of arrow-tips will be on-hand for players to deploy within the game’s 16 Missions. It also supports the PlayStation Move controller so player’s can experience every trigger pull, grenade-lob, knife swipe and bow-pull in the most connected way possible.

Latocha also said, to gamers who complained that the game looks a little underdone, that they “are still in the final stage of polishing the game so the graphics will look a lot cleaner and smoother in the final product.”

I hope so, because that looks rather awful. It’a coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 early this year.

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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