Rayman Origins coming to PC…with no DRM!

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Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins is easily one of the best games released last year. About as proximate to perfection as possible in a planar platformer, Rayman Origins charmed the pants off of us – and got the nod as our favourite platformer of 2011. PC gamers will finally get the chance to jump around as everybody’s favourite limbless heroes in March – and without being dogged by silly DRM.

“Many of you were asking for it, it’s now official: Rayman Origins will be available on PC on March 29th!” said the official Rayman twitter account, with Ubisoft marketing guy Nate Fury following that up with “We’re announcing Rayman Origins for PC right the hell now! Also, retail versions will have NO DRM. None, zero, zip. Ohemgee!”

The unfortunate thing here is that for once, Ubisoft is abandoning its long-held practice of saddling PC games with ridiculous and draconian digital rights management, but this game is likely to be pirated to heck, though those who do pre-order it online also get themselves a digital copy of Rayman 2, one of the best 3D platformers ever to grace anything capable of playing videogames. The console versions failed to sell especially well, despite the high praise from just about everybody who’s played it. For some reason, many of today’s gamers just aren’t willing to spend full retail price on a platformer.

Which is a shame, because it’s damned wonderful. The low sales and high illicit downloads this game will likely get will lead Ubisoft to believe their awful DRM practices are justified – making it a double shame.

Last Updated: January 27, 2012

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