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Recreate Earth with actual drones in Re-ROLL

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Somebody owes me cash, because my prediction about survival games being the next big genre is totally coming true. The next such title to make use of that genre? Re-ROLL, which just might be the most faithful open world game on the horizon, thanks to it using actual aerial drones.

Described as an online RPG for PC, once again the world has been plunged into a new dark age and it’s every man for himself in this new cutthroat environment. Naturally, it’s survival of the fittest so you’ll have to eat, rest and scavenge to exist in the new world order.

Players can dip into skill trees to grow their character, with no traditional class system in place. Want to be either a demolitions expert or a master chef? You can do that. Combining skills however between the Hobby and Pro sets, unlocks new options for crafting, which in turn unlocks new chances to live another day.

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The catch with Re-ROLL, is that the game will be making use of civilian devices such as the eBee mini-drone to recreate the world on a detailed level. Those aerial recon units can map a square kilometre at a time with thousands and thousands of pictures that are then fed into 3D software to recreate environments that’ll be used in the game.

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Of course this isn’t a cheap idea, and Re-Roll needs funding to fill the air with drones. The official site has packages up for sale to get players to help fund the title, as well as plenty of extra details on the world and the game.

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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