Red Alert's Girls and Grandpa's: Shame on you EA

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Meet the cast of the upcoming Red Alert 3 title from EA games.

As most of you will know, Red Alert is apart of the almighty Command & Conquer series of real time strategy games initially created by Westwood back in the 90’s.

It seems to be the latest trend to just straight-out abuse the use of hot women to get your sales up, so try and close your eyes when they come up on screen, we need to fight the system. Since I know that you aren’t actually going to do it then I would like to point out that EA has done it for you.

That’s right, they are actually holding footage of the girls back to push sales. Find out more after the jump.

They tease us with some quick shots of all the woman that they have handpicked (you should recognise most of them) to target all the pale, lonely people only to let us know that we need to buy the “premium edition” to see more. That’s a pretty cheap trick if you ask me, heck they make it as if the special edition is going to come with some form of pornography bundled in.

While the men aren’t nearly as appealing to most of us as the women, I am happy to see that they have signed up some really awesome talent to play out the roles in the video cutscenes that all C&C fans have grown to love so much.

So good on you EA, and shame on you at the same time…

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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